We have one agenda, and that is to help you build a truly great company. Your success is our success. We know that mutual trust is critical, and we are committed to being honest and direct in all of our dealings with you.

What we look for

First and foremost, we look for outstanding entrepreneurs. We care more about your intellect, track record and potential than your PowerPoint skills. We seek to invest in companies that are capital efficient, can scale rapidly and are early movers.

How and when we invest

We are very selective in the investments we make. We make few new investments per year and have a very high quality bar. We are focused on what we see as the most promising stage of entrepreneurial creativity and return potential: seed and early stage. Our initial investment is generally between $50,000 and $500,000 in return for an equity stake.

Capital efficiency

More venture; less capital. We strive to take bolder risks earlier. Often, these don’t require “big” dollars, and in our experience, too much capital early on can constrain creativity. Our fund is designed to provide the appropriate first investment and follow early success with significant follow-on investments. At Ataraxy, we may start small, but we never think small.

Our support

We are actively involved with all of our investments. We seek to develop close relationships with founders and management teams.

We are collaborative in our approach. We do not get involved in the day-to-day details of operating your company. We will not get in the way of you running your company. We understand that you do the heavy lifting and it is our job to help you.

We focus on the most important issues. There are a small number of opportunities and challenges that can make or break a company. We try to help entrepreneurs stay focused on those critical issues rather than get distracted by insignificant details.

We work hard. We define success not by the number of investments we make, but by making investments in companies that work. We truly care about the businesses in which we invest and are dedicated to helping entrepreneurs achieve their goals.

Our minimum Coc ROI is 3×5 years.